Baltimore, MD - Apr. 14, 2021 - Kesser Torah of Baltimore (KT) has always been devoted to instilling in its bochurim a true love for learning.  An essential ingredient in achieving this goal is ensuring that its talmidim enter into Bein ha’Zmanim with a cheishek to continue their limudim even outside of the structured yeshiva schedule. 

As in the past, in true KT fashion, talmidim experienced a four-hour retzufos seder to cap off an unprecedented Winter Zman of growth in Limud ha’Torah and Yiras Shamayim.  Bochurim removed their watches and learned without interruptions with their chavrusas.  The only break in learning was halfway through the seder when the Rosh Mesivta provided words of chizuk to the Bnei yeshiva.

Following this impressive accomplishment, the entire yeshiva joined in a banquet with music and dancing in honor of the Torah learned during the Winter Zman.  Additionally, there were raffles for those who were mekabel upon themselves to learn every day over Bein ha’Zmanim.  Prizes included sets of Mishna Berura and haggadahs.

BH, this event succeeded in allowing the bochurim to end the zman on a high note as well as to encourage them to continue shteiging over Pesach bein Hazmanim.