Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, thousands of Jews normally visit the Kotel to place their special notes inside the ancient stones. In light of heavily restricted travel this year, The Jewish Agency launches campaign to be the conduit.

Jerusalem, September 23, 2020 — The Jewish Agency for Israel has announced a global campaign to gather the prayers of Jews from Israel and around the world and place them among the stones of the Western Wall, a customary tradition for visitors to the holy site.

Due to restricted access to Jerusalem currently for both Israelis and world Jewry alike, Chairman of The Jewish Agency Isaac Herzog, along with Jewish Agency shlichim (emissaries) stationed in communities around the globe, are inviting Jews to send their notes to The Jewish Agency, who will then take them to be inserted in the Kotel.

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"Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Western Wall and its plaza are normally packed with visitors. This year, due to restrictions, it’s not possible to come to Jerusalem and place notes with our prayers between the stones of the Western Wall, the holiest place for the Jewish people,” said Herzog. “As an organization whose mission it is to strengthen global Jewry and its relationship with Israel, we thought it would be fitting to facilitate this important act for so many this high holiday season.”

Many have already sent their notes to the organization. In a video posted on The Jewish Agency’s social media, Noam from New Zealand asks that this year be a good year, free of diseases and viruses; Daniel from the U.S. hopes to spend time with his family this year; Dimitri from Ukraine prays that many Ukrainian Jews will find their home in Israel; Lauren from Paris wishes good health to her loved ones and to all the people of Israel; and Miriam from Mexico asks that the coronavirus be finished soon so we are able to be with our families again.

To submit a note for The Jewish Agency to place in the Kotel click here.