Fears are growing that Florida could be another coronavirus hotspot after a sharp increase in infections in the last 24 hours and nearly two dozen more deaths.

Health officials said Saturday morning they have seen 863 additional positive COVID-19 cases, which brought the total tally of cases to 3,763.

More than 600,000 people around the world have tested positive for coronavirus. On Friday, the U.S. surpassed China - where the virus was first detected late last year - after recording more than 100,000 infections.

Florida is now the fourth most-hit state in the United States, after New York, New Jersey, and California, according to data by health officials and Johns Hopkins University.

Miami-Dade and Broward counties – the two most populous in the state – have recorded the highest number of infections, with more than 400 new cases between the two over the last 24 hours. Miami's Mayor Francis Javier Suarez tested positive for the virus and told Fox News he is recovering well.

At least 54 people have died of coronavirus in Florida, including at least 3 in Miami-Dade and 11 in Broward counties.

Miami-Dade’s first coronavirus-related death was 40-year-old Israel Carrera, from North Miami, who died Thursday – just days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Health officials said they believe he might have contracted the virus after attending the Winter Party Music Festival in early March.

“It started with fever, and then very quickly he was having problems with breathing,” Franco Conquista, who NBC 6 identified as his boyfriend, said on Friday.