Baltimore, MD - Nov. 11, 2019 - Imagine walking into one of the wonderful Baltimore Yeshivos and finding 5 empty classrooms, classrooms filled with desks and chairs just waiting to be filled with smiling children. Thanks to you, the Baltimore Community, the Yeshiva classrooms are filled!  Your support of Bonei Olam has resulted in 100 Baltimore babies being born in the last 10 years; enough to fill 5 classrooms!  


1 in 6 couples struggle with some form of infertility. That is where Bonei Olam stes in.  Bonei Olam is a non for profit organization renowned for providing financial support to childless couples enduring the agony of infertility.  Bonei Olam is there with its wide-ranging knowledge and resources to assist these couples.  Dozens of counselors are available at all hours to advise, help gain access to top doctors, and assist in finding the best fertility clinic or research establishment to suit the couple’s needs.  Once a treatment plan is established, Bonei Olam assists with covering insurance plans, advocating for the couple or helping with financial payments associated with treatments. 

Bonei Olam is tremendously proud of its partnership with the Baltimore community over the past 10 years.  This year’s Bonei Olam event is celebrating the partnership and the miracles it has yielded. The event is in a new venue so the entire community can join in the celebration!  

Bonei Olam cordially invites the entire Baltimore community to come out for an evening of celebration tonight, Wednesday, November 20th at 7:30 p.m. at the beautiful, spacious and recently renovated DoubleTree by Hilton in Pikesville. 

The evening will feature a personal account by local couple, Loni and Hillel Goldman, of their personal journey to parenthood, a founder’s message by Rabbi Schlomo Bochner and a 10 year retrospective video. Enjoy a hot dinner buffet featuring innovative dishes and delectable food stations by LeMo Catering.  A special area will be designated for those wanting a men’s only section for dinner and separate seating will be available for those interested.   

CELEBRATE 10 years of success by attending this great celebration! No RSVP necessary. Donations are welcome.

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