Brooklyn, NY — Benny Friedman has released the first single off his upcoming album “Kulanu Nelech” (due out this month). “Hareini Mekabel”, composed by Tomer Hadadi (Ein Od Milvado, Kolot, Yerushalayim Shebalev) with lyrics by Yossi Gispan (Mi Shemaamin) is a high energy tune featuring the lyrics “Veohavta L’reiacha Kamocha” - “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. The song was produced by Playmasters Studio. Lyric video designed and produced by Rivkin Media. Also featured on the track, for the first time are two of Benny’s children, Shalom & Dovid Friedman. The song is available on YouTube and will be available on iTunes and all streaming networks upon the album release.