Shpolar Express

Shpolar Express is a growing residential real estate company focused on the fix & flip industry in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Shpolar Express focuses on purchasing distressed properties, and performing renovations to bring the property up to code and maximize value.

About the Position

Shpolar Express is looking to hire a secretary immediately to help with administrative tasks such as:


-Scheduling appointments

-Sending out contracts

-Following up with clients

-Organizing schedule of contractors

The applicant must be a team player who can multitask, and quickly adapt to changing business demands. Additionally, the applicant must have strong communication skills.

The applicant should have experience in:


-Excel/Google Sheets



If the applicant has previous experience in real estate or secretarial work in a similar field, this will translate to a higher salary.

If the applicant has no experience in real estate, but is looking to engage with the opportunity to learn real estate, this is a great starting point to learn the industry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, whatsapp, or email.

Location: Pikesville, MD
Salary: $17/hr-$25/hr

For More Information, please contact Shimmy Pianko at 5169847251 or shimmy.pianko@gmail.com