Director of Business Management

Wrapunzel LLC

OUR VISION At Wrapunzel, what drives us is the joy of connection. “Inspire Happiness” is our motto, and we live and breathe it every day! Our community (you!) means everything to us; every decision we make is based on what will serve you best. Every product you see in the store has been tested again and again (and again!) to make sure that it is worthy of the Wrapunzel name. Beyond that, we only bring you scarves and accessories that are products of relationships that we are proud of. Our designers, seamstresses, and manufacturers are incredible people! We strive to know all of our distributors personally, because we believe that what goes into making your scarf can be even more important than the scarf itself. We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need for hair wrapping !

About the Position

Director of Business Management for Wrapunzel LLC

Wrapunzel.com is a vibrant international movement that helps people from all walks of life participate in the art of head wrapping using colorful scarves and accessories. Our business is an online ecommerce store that ships worldwide, and an active community and support for our customers. A small business grown from humble, idealistic beginnings, we have become a thriving workplace with 10 employees that work beautifully as a team and contribute their unique skillset to our ongoing success.

Our current brilliant business manager who has been with us for six years is retiring. We are seeking a suitable replacement that can not only fill her shoes, but drive the business to reach new milestones and growth.

The business manager at Wrapunzel will be a “Jack of all trades”, meaning they will have a grasp of legal knowledge, customer service, accounting, HR, marketing, and draw from that knowledge appropriately and employ expert guidance as necessary.

While we are looking for skills and experience from the person that we hire, our top priority is finding someone that will thrive in this work environment and who will be invested in the mission of Wrapunzel.

Managing all financial aspects of the business such as accounts, budget, reconciliations, analytics, payroll
Set up new programs and initiatives for growth: track/monitor success before delegating
HR management
Draft contracts and agreements
Maintain a birdseye view of the business and how it functions

What you bring:
Long term vision and ability to create roadmaps to achieve goals
Comfortable managing several projects at once and thrives on keeping numerous “balls in the air”
Proactive and takes initiative
Excellent delegation and communication skills
Ability to deal with unexpected situations with calm and integrity
Team mentality with leader personality
Personable and intuitive human relations

Preferred qualifications:
Extensive experience in either owning, managing, and/or operating a small business (online or otherwise)
Proficient with Quickbooks, Google Apps, Wordpress, Word, Excel, project management and inventory management software
Basic legal knowledge or familiarity with trademark and copyright laws
Eye for detail, problem-solving, and noticing patterns
Excellent writer and communicator
Able to generate, read reports and plan accordingly
Social media experience
Marketing experience

Applicants must be local to, or willing to relocate to the Baltimore, MD area.
Full-time position (40 hours/week)
Hybrid and flexible hours are possible
Starting salary $4800/month negotiable based on experience
Please send your resume to andrea@wrapunzel.com and laila@wrapunzel.com
References upon request.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Salary: 4800/month

For More Information, please contact Wrapunzel LLC Wrapunzel LLC at 4438988452 or wrapunzelthestore@gmail.com