Davening Teacher

Ohr Chadash Academy

As an Orthodox Jewish Day School, we at Ohr Chadash Academy believe in the inherent kedusha of all learning. This core value inspires our commitment to excellence in Judaic and general studies, alike. From our 2-year-old class through middle school, each student is nurtured both as the individual he or she is and as a contributing member of our caring school community, the greater Jewish community, and the global community. We are seeking passionate, dynamic, professional assistants to join our elementary school staff. Qualified candidates should be reflective learners and practitioners able to implement best practices in teaching using flexible and individualized instruction, center-based learning, and integrated technology to help every student achieve success.

About the Position

6th Grade Boys Davening Teacher
6th Grade Girls Davening Teacher
3rd Grade Co-ed Teacher

Location: Baltimore, MD

For More Information, please contact at 4109992200 or employment@ohrchadashbaltimore.org