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About Us: Engineers solving real-world problems  
  Stratus Solutions has been selected to design, implement, integrate, and operate multiple cloud-based software development environments which will be used by the United States Air Force.  These environments will be used to maximize the efficiency and agility in the software development lifecycle in order to maintain its air superiority.  This effort affords our team members the unique opportunity of working with leading-edge cloud computing technologies in a multitude of environments, both on-premises and in multiple cloud datacenters utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS).  
 This is a new-start program for Stratus Solutions and the US Air Force, so you will be entering this opportunity on the ground-floor.  Our team has the freedom to architect a complete solution from beginning-to-end based on customer requirements, best practices, and our recommended design considerations.  Since we are the sole integrators for this effort, we will be responsible for all parts of the solution including cloud-based networking, infrastructure evolution, robust security, and process automation activities.  
 Stratus Solutions is in the unique position of having successfully completed similar cloud-centric solutions of like scope for other government clients.  You will have the opportunity to collaborate with our existing staff of cloud computing subject matter experts for knowledge transfer and support throughout this effort.  
 We are seeking the best and brightest to join our team.  This is your opportunity to fuse your in-depth knowledge and experience with the latest in cutting-edge cloud computing technologies.  
 Job Title: Logistics and Material Technician
Your Mission: Plan, implement, execute, and maintain the lifecycle of material from acquisition through disposal.
Stratus Solutions is seeking a logistics and material technician to join our client-facing customer delivery project teams. This individual will be responsible for tracking the acquisition lifecycle of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), from specification through procurement through delivery; Inventory of GFE including asset identification information, location, and custodian; Oversee the transportation of material throughout the world based upon documented requirements; Works with customers and funding personnel to ensure appropriate funding is available to meet logistics requirements; Documents logistics processes at customer and end-user sites; Coordinates with commercial shipping providers; Prepares Form DD-1149 for all shipments; Completes asset inventory reporting to Government as required. Manages Communications Security material (COMSEC) including the order, receipt, custody, distribution, safeguarding, disposition or destruction, and accounting of COMSEC material entrusted to the COMSEC Account; Maintains list of authorized personnel, processing staff additions and deletions in a timely manner, maintaining accurate inventory and account of all tokens including CAC, ACS access token, SIPRNET credential token, SAPF access token, alarm system codes, etc. Operates the COMSEC spares program.
What you will do:
Track Government Furnished Equipment (GFE): Verify all equipment purchased has been received; Maintain master inventory list, tracking every asset, its current location, and custodian information; Complete asset inventory reporting to Government as required
Coordinate shipment logistics of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE): Coordinate and facilitate shipment of GFE with government, system tenants, and outside vendors; Maintain documentation of shipping logistics for each site; Complete form DD-1149 for all transfers of equipment; Record and stores signed DD-1149s
Manage Access Control System (ACS) of Access-Controlled Area (ACA) and SCIF. Maintain access list of authorized personnel; Program ACS for staff additions and deletions; Maintain list of ACS tokens and their issuance, securely maintaining the inventory of unused ACS tokens; Issue ACS tokens and collects them upon personnel separation
Manage Intrusion Detection System (IDS) of Access-Controlled Area (ACA) and SCIF. Maintain access list of authorized personnel; Program IDS for staff additions and deletions; Promptly remove access upon personnel separation
Respond in person to all SCIF Intrusion Detection System (IDS) alarm events: Be the primary responsible person for the manned response to all IDS alarm incidents, whenever they occur, either during or after normal business hours; Maintain recall list of all personnel with access to the Access-Controlled Area (ACA) and SCIF
Manage Communications Security material (COMSEC): Responsible for the receipt, custody, distribution, safeguarding, disposition or destruction, and accounting of COMSEC material entrusted to the COMSEC Account; Ensure only authorized users have access to COMSEC material; Submit requests for COMSEC Keying Material (KEYMAT) to EKMS Central
Maintain Communications Security (COMSEC) administrative files: Working in close coordination with the Facility Security Officer (FSO), maintain up-to-date administrative files related to the COMSEC Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI) and Keying Material (KEYMAT); Maintain COMSEC inventory; Maintain list of personnel who have COMSEC Briefing Certificates; Assist FSO with all COMSEC Incident Reports and Security Screening Certificates
Maintain Storage Containers: Working in close coordination with the Facility Security Officer (FSO), maintain safe combinations of the IPS and 2-drawer safe located in the SCIF; Maintain a record of safe combinations and limit access to the combinations to users who have a need-to-know and who possess the required security clearance; Ensure combinations for containers used to store COMSEC material are changed as required; Change combinations immediately upon personnel separation
Track SIPRNET tokens: Collects requirements from engineers, processes validated requirements, tracks issuance, collects upon cessation of requirement or personnel separation
Other tasks as assigned
What we are expecting from you (i.e. the qualifications you must have):
High school diploma or equivalent
Experience managing Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)
Experience in administrative, clerical, and documentation tasks
Experience creating and maintaining an integrated master schedule
Experience in purchasing, contracts, and administration
Excellent oral and written communication skills with a keen sense of customer service
Process oriented with great documentation skills
Current Secret clearance (or higher), with ability to upgrade clearance to Top Secret/SCI
Eligibility for access to Special Access Program information, including the willingness to submit to a counter-intelligence polygraph
Willingness to travel within the continental US.  (Note- travel is not expected to be constant, but some travel may be required during the requirements gathering, planning and coordination stages)
Nice to have:
Bachelor's Degree
Experience with Industrial Security, the NISPOM, and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
Experience with COMSEC accounts, IAEC-2112, and DIAS
Experience with inventory tracking software
What We Will Provide In Return:
Excellent compensation, amazing benefits including top of the line BCBS PPO coverage with ZERO deductibles. We pay for 100% of the employee premium and cover 90% of your dependent’s premium.
10% 401K employer contribution with no employee contribution required.
Generous paid time off that includes sick, vacation and floating holidays as well as the ability to bank overtime hours for additional time off or extra compensation (must met additional criteria for cash-out).
Employee centric culture and a belief that we should those who are good at what they do and then give them the tools the need to achieve success and grow their career.
A commitment to learning and growth and easy ways to achieve both including a training budget, education assistance, mentorship programs and collaborative learning sessions.
A collaborative environment that fosters communication via slack, internal messaging boards and email lists, our employee newsletter and an open door policy.

www.StratusSolutions.com. EEO/AA including Vets and Disabled.

Location: Fulton, MD

For More Information, please contact M Edinger MNEdinger@aol.com