Reading Specialist


Sulam is a school in Rockville MD that provides special education to students (K-12) with a diverse range of learning needs through targeted instruction, and general education classroom support. With a multi-disciplinary team that collaborates to provide a high standard of research-based special education practices, Sulam students are supported to achieve their individualized educational goals.

About the Position

Sulam seeks a Reading Specialist who will work in partnership with the Sulam team to create reading goals for each child, and to ensure that every student is appropriately supported to achieve his or her reading goals. The Reading Specialist will support students through assessment, direct instruction, and faculty development. In addition, the Reading Specialist will work with the Sulam leadership team to create a strategic plan to provide, and help implement, a scope and sequence for reading curriculum. This is a long term commitment in which a strong literacy program for Sulam will be carefully articulated and implemented according to a year-by-year strategic plan.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assess students using multiple assessment tools and subtests to inform reading instruction.
2. Create scope and sequence for reading curriculum and targeted instruction.
3. Provide guidance to implement reading strategies across the curriculum.
4. Work with individual students as needed, either within or outside the students’ classrooms.
5. Supervise and coordinate reading/literacy requirements for all students.
6. Help create and supervise a long-term staff development process that supports both the development and implementation of the literacy program over time.
7. Serve as a resource in the area of reading for paraprofessionals, teachers, administrators and community.
8. Provide professional development opportunities at the community level.
9. Provide leadership in student advocacy.
10. Communicate with parents regarding language and literacy goals and progress of individual students.

Job Requirements:

1. At least 5 years previous teaching experience
2. Master’s degree with concentration in reading education:
1. A minimum of 24 graduate semester hours in reading and language arts and related courses.
2. An additional 6-semester hours of supervised practicum experience.
3. Deep commitment to providing best practice in language and literacy education.
4. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
5. Excellent interpersonal skills and desire to interact with students, faculty and parents.

Location: Rockville, MD
Salary: commensurate with experience

For More Information, please contact Lianne Heller at 301-962-9400 ext 5207 or lheller@sulam.org