Tai Chi Chuan

I teach a very traditional method of Chen Village Tai ji which can be used as an adjunct activity to increase the abilities of the elderly for activities of daily living, and can be also taught in a method which is martial and very very arduous to practice. Course curriculum is internationally followed: Standing Postures, Reeling Silk, Forms, Push Hands, Weapons.

The elderly, and those that seek health oriented tai chi, you will learn standing, reeling and forms movement, with very very very basic gentle push hands practice.

Those that desire more, add less gentle push hands practice with joint locking, throwing, choking, attacking vital areas, as well as weapons training.

I've been training martial arts for almost 50 years, and practicing Chen Village Tai Chi since 2001.


Private Instruction

Price: $75.00
For More Information, please contact Josh Cane at 4103756994 or joshcane@yahoo.com